Where we are

Culdees Garden Studio
Station Road
Perthshire PH5 2BD

Tel: 01764 363366

W3W: ///firm.slice.brisk

Who we are

We are a small design practice, based in Perthshire, where we have worked for more than thirty years.

We choose to keep things small because we value a sustained close relationship with our clients. An arrangement in which we can best serve our clients, giving them and their project the fullness of attention they need.
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Andrew Rodger
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Fiona Rodger
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Tom Baruffati

What we do

Depending on the nature of the project, we work independently or together, usually together, exercising our particular strengths.

Project values usually fall between £30k and £1m, though we have been involved in larger and smaller works. Examples of past projects can be seen in links to this site.
We are not stylists, we want all outcomes to meet our clients' needs and budget, while investing projects with qualities which delight. Through the way interfaces and relationships are considered we aim to build good solutions together.
Our design approach is holistic and we do not see building as separate from context. We love gardens, think carefully about planting and we happily work with plantsmen and women when developing a design, considering the structure of the landscape and, indeed, how much work our clients want to do outside! We also design furniture, fixtures and furnishings and have been known to design place settings for dining. Fiona often helps clients with buying and has commissioned artworks for projects.
We favour the ecologically sound use of materials and deploy locally grown timber where possible. It is important to think about ecological fundamentals from the outset; patterns of use of the building, shelter, sunshine and orientation. Although we argue for the prioritising of passive energy design we also work with specialists in alternative technologies, including biomass boilers, heat pumps, photovoltaics, batteries and solar thermal installations.
Being musically literate and enjoying high fidelity sound reproduction means we think about incorporating audio/visual systems early during the design process, not as applied afterthoughts. We also consider the design of broadband installations and networks. Where projects are "technology heavy" we work with specialists in the field but most domestic installations are designed by us and installed as part of the main contract.
We are a bat and swift-friendly practice - determined to help preserve the breeding habitat of the common swift. Andrew has prepared mitigation reports for potential disruption of bats and swifts and is able to adapt designs to help situations which may otherwise be problematic. Importantly, these things are thought about early in the design process, so if there is a risk of disturbing breeding habitat, we know about it in good time, which leads to a happy outcome.
Andrew has long experience in working with older buildings. Though many of these have been listed or historically important, we believe that most older buildings should be valued and treated according to accepted conservation precepts, including an appropriate regard for BS7913 in their evaluation and repair. We value traditional craft skills and aim to support and encourage their conservation and growth.
We like to have fun but we take our work seriously. Good design requires constant attention to detail and each project must be the best it can; we examine and rehearse as we design and aim to anticipate the potential in each situation. We are honest and enthusiastic, driven by a healthy amount of curiosity, and we're proud of what we do.
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